• 1998 – Betoneta Joint-Stock Company founded
  • 1998 - UAB "Akmenės transportas" and UAB "Skiebeta" (currently UAB "Betono centras") joined Betoneta group
  • 1999 - AB "Markučiai" joined Betoneta group
  • 2000 - AB "Markučiai" began operating new Liebherr concrete production line which is most up-to-date in the Baltic States
  • 2000 - AB "Vilijampolės gelžbetonis" and UAB "Putbetonis" joined Betoneta group
  • 2001 - UAB "Panevėžio gelžbetonis" joined Betoneta group
  • 2002 - UAB "Mūsų statyba" (currently UAB "Betono mozaika") joined Betoneta group
  • 2004 – the group installs unified Axapta business administration system
  • 2005 - UAB "Vilniaus aidai" and AB "Gelžbetonio atramų gamykla" joined Betoneta group
  • 2007 - UAB "Markučiai" separates production and supply of ready-mixed concrete (currently UAB "Betono centras") from ferroconcrete production and design
  • 2013 - UAB "Betoneta" changed its name to UAB "Concretus grupė"
  • 2016 - UAB "Konstruktorių cechas"  joined Concretus group

In numbers

About us

The goal is even growth and increase in value

The group is one of the largest manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete, ferroconcrete, landscaping products in the Baltic Region.

The products are sold in Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Kaliningrad Region, Belarus.

The group pays a considerable attention to innovations and new solutions of construction industry.